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Prehistoric images recorded by Artist in New Mexico during exploration in the early 1980's.

Pictograph Images Gallery

    Pictograph and Rock Art is fairly low tech, and so are the methods used by Paula. Unless otherwise requested, Paula's pictographs are produced with traditional ancient techniques utilizing naturally occurring red ochre.


    Depending on the style of work requested, the images can be created on archival paper, board, tiles, or even large slabs of stone, (monumental sized works and large stone panel installations are done on-site). Paula's traditional work is available to anyone wanting accurate and authentically created Pictographs for presentations, displays, or collections.

    The artist also occasionally produces some stylized works which follow in the tradition of Ojibwe Woodland Art.

Scroll down to view the artists sketches, and studies of historic and prehistoric rock art.


24" x 48" panel after Warrior Group at Lac La Croix, Minnesota/Ontario area.

Six Pictographs (Great Lakes area) on tile.

Great Lakes canoe
Charging Moose
Plains Grizzly
Medicine Crane
Pictured Lake

Four tiles from series created for Bear Gulch Pictographs, in Grass Range, Montana

Bear Gulch 4.JPG

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