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    Painting with red ochre is probably the oldest art form on the planet. Since the dawn of man, early peoples around the world have used red earth mixed with various substances to create images that we call pictographs.


    Red ochre occurs in natural forms as hematite or limonite and can be found at or near hundreds of pictograph sites all over the world. Evidence reveals that early peoples harvested it in large amounts and stored it for later use.


    Native spiritual leaders often carry a small paint bag when traveling or helping people. During prehistoric times painting tools were made out of sticks, bones, hair, plant fibers, and feathers. Later on, tools became more ornate and paint bags were embellished with Quillwork, beads, or other forms of decoration. Many of these tools were revered as special objects.

    My Fathers Paint is the result of the inspiration that Paula Sayers received from her late father's work as a highly respected addiction counselor and spiritual advisor.

(Click here to learn more about Paula's father at the My Father’s Red Paint page).

One of the artist's pictograph tool kits

Some of Paula's stylized pictograph work

    Paula has committed her life’s work to ensuring that the art of prehistoric pictograph painting is not lost. It is her wish that My Fathers Paint will inspire others to learn more about the world’s oldest art form. Pictographs, which range from simple shapes to entire murals, have a common thread worldwide; they are created to tell a story or document an event.




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The Artist near Glacier National Park

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